Friday, July 06, 2007

MOTU PROPRIO - Summorum Pontificum

Motu Proprio - long, long awaited document due to be published in several hours. After visiting blogs, websites and forums, I have noticed different attitudes: an overenthusiastic positive one with tendency to see this document as an universal remedy to solve all post-conciliar problems almost overnight, and very sceptical point of view, seeing MP as the beginning of the reform of the reform - with the hidden agenda to make a hybrid of two rites in the end of it. The last, frankenstein-like scenario is a bit of a horror to imagine. I hope and pray earnestly, the intention of the document and its release is the beginning of the end of NO horror, the TLM will take over in the end, it could be the long process, but with God grace and help and zeal of the faithful it has a chance to succeed.

Motu Proprio text and explanatory letter in English after Rorate Coeli blog: Summorum Pontificum