Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy)

Duccio 'Locked Doors'

When it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked....Jesus came and stood among them and said. "Peace be with you". A week later his disciples were again in the house.(....) Jesus came and stood among them. (St John 20:19-26)

This is joyous day (Sunday) which passes by all too quickly, has a tinge of sadness.....One must start life over again the next day - work, study. My heart feels as if it is  in exile on earth....I yearn for eternal rest in heaven, when Sundays never end , in my Father's house (St Therese. The Story of a Soul).

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Saturday

Gustave Dore Bible Illustrations

He appeared to the eleven...and upbraided them for their lack of faith and stubbornness, because they had not believed those who saw him after he had risen. And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation". (St Mark 16: 14-15)

God needs no person to do His divine work. But He does allow a talented gardener to raise exotic and delicate plants by giving him the necessary knowledge but keeping the secret of their creation for himself. In the same way, Jesus wants to be helped in his divine gardening of souls (The Story of a Soul) 
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Friday

Tintoretto 'Christ at the sea of Galilea'

"Cast the net in the right side of the boat, and you will find some". So Simon Peter went aboard, full of large fish, a hundred fifty-three of them (St John 21:6, 11)

In spite of my humbleness, I would like to enlighten other souls as did the Prophets and the Doctors of the Church. My vocation is to be an apostle...I want to travel the earth and preach in your name and lift up your glorious cross to the unfaithful. However, my Beloved, I will not be satisfied to do just one such mission. At the same time, I would like to proclaim your Gospel to all corners of the earth, even to the most secluded places (St Therese, The Story of a Soul).

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Thursday

Eugene Delacroix 'The Supper at Emmaus'

"These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you - that everything written about me in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms must be fulfilled". Then he opened their minds to undestand the scriptures (St Luke 24:44-45)

Beloved Sister, how happy we are to understand the intimate secrets of our Divine Spouse! If you would write down all you know of them, we would have some beautiful pages to read. However, you prefer to keep "the secrets of the King" deep within your heart (St Therese, The Story of a Soul).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Wednesday

Jan Wildens 'Christ and His Disciples on the Road to Emmaus'

Were not our heart burning within us while He was talking to us on the road, while He was opening the scriptures to us? That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem (St Luke 24:32-33).

For a long time, I fed my soul with the knowledge of "pure flour" that I found in a book called Imitation. This was the only book I was comfortable with because I had not as yet found the hidden treasures in the Gospel.....When I was fourteen, given my interest in knowledge, the Lord found it necessary to combine that "pure flour" with plenty of "oil and honey" (St Therese 'The Story of a Soul')
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Tuesday

Hans Holbein 'Noli Me Tangere'

'Do not hold on to me...But go to my brothers and say to them, 'I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God' (St John 20:17)

At times, we are so uncomfortable within ourselves we must quickly reach out. Our Lord doesn't force us to stay within ourselves; oftentimes, he allows us this discomfort so we can reach out. To resolve this, I reach out to Jesus and Mary by throwing myself into acts of charity (St Therese, Advice and Memories, p99)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday

So they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and ran to tell His disciples. Suddenly Jesus met them and said, 'Greetings' (St Matthew 28:8-9)

During the Passion of Our Lord, the women showed more courage than the apostles.(...).Undoubtedly, this is why He allowed contempt to be their lot in life on earth, because He chose it for Himself....It will be shown, in heaven, that His thoughts were not those of humankind, because the last will be the first (The Story of a Soul).

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Sunday

Sebastiano Ricci, The Ressurection

Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen (St Luke 24:5)

Celebrations! Even if the most important feasts do not come very often, my heart is brought to celebrate one every Sunday....That is God's feast, the feast of rest...The whole family goes to Mass (St Therese 'The Story of a Soul).
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Holy Saturday

Rembrand, The Descend from the Cross

There was a garden in the place where he was crucified, and in the garden there was a new tomb in which no one had ever been laid...They laid Jesus there (St John 19:41-42)

When I saw the blood running from the wounds of Jesus, the thirst of all souls entered my heart.(...) Oh, each day since this special blessing [Pranzini], my desire to save these souls grew. I felt I heard Jesus tell me, "Give me something to drink!" (St Therese The Story of a Soul)
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Good Friday

Carl Henrich Bloch 'Life of Christ' series

When Jesus knew that all was finished, he said (in order to fulfill the scripture). "I am thirsty."...When Jesus had received the wine, he said, "It is finished." Then he bowed down his head and gave up his spirit (St John 19:28,30)

The cry of the Lord on the cross, "I am thirsty" sounded continually in my heart...I wanted to give me Beloved a drink, and felt myself devoured by the thirst of all souls...It was not the souls of priests that attracted me, but those of the big sinners. I burned with the desire to pull them from the eternal flames (St Therese, The Story of a Soul).

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday

Francesco Fontebasso - Last Supper

Now before the festival of the Passover, Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart from this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end (St John 13:1)

At the Last Supper. when Jesus knew his disciples' hearts burned with devoted love after he had just given himself to them through the unfathomable mystery of the Eucharist, this gentle Saviour gave them a new commandment, ....Love one another just as I have loved you (St Therese, The Story of a Soul).
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday of Holy Week

Nicolas Poussin, Last Supper

My time is near...The Son of Man goes as it is written of Him (St Matthew 26:18-24)

After having prepared me to appear before You, if only this martyr could make me finally die so that my soul could leap into the eternal embrace of your merciful love. My Beloved, with each heartbeat, I want to infinitely renew this offering, until such a time when shadows fade and I will be able to tell you again of my love, face to face, eternally! (St Therese, Prayer 6)

after 'Through the Year with St Therese'
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday of Holy Week

Simone Vouet 'The Last Supper'

Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified in Him. If God has been glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself (St John 13:31-32).

To you, time has no meaning. A single day is like a thousand years. In a single moment, you could prepare me to appear before you....In order to live within an act of perfect love, I offer myself in sacrifice to your merciful love, begging you to consume me endlessly, letting my soul overflow with the waves of your infinite tenderness. In this way I become a martyr for your Divine Love (St Therese, Prayer 6)
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday of Holy Week

Dieric Bouts the Elder

Mary took a pound of costly perfume made of pure nard , anointed Jesus' feet, and wiped them with her hair. The home was filled with the fragrance of the perfume (St John 12:3)

Lord, at the twilight of this life, I will appear to you with empty hands because I do not ask you  to keep count of my good deeds. All of our laws are flawed in your eyes. I would like, then, to cloak myself with your law, and from your love, receive you for all eternity. I want no other crown than you (St Therese, Prayer 6)
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

PALM SUNDAY also known as Passion Sunday

Gustave Dore - Bible Illustrations

Then they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks on it; and he sat on it....Then those who went ahead and those who followed were shouting, "Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our ancestor David! Hosanna in the highest heaven (St Mark 11:7, 9-10) 

After being exiled on earth, I hope to go and rejoice in your presence in our Father's house. I want to work for your Divine Love for the sole purpose of pleasing you, consoling your Sacred Heart and saving souls who will love you for all eternity (St Therese, Prayer no 6)

After 'Through the Year with St Therese of Lisieux

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