Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good Friday prayers of the Church! St Vincent Ferrer - ora pro nobis!

Very sad. More fuss about Good Friday prayers of the Church for the conversion of Jews, it seems they dictate what should we believe in, for more detail please follow the link: Rorate-caeli blog

True Show of Charity: Organized and fully sanctioned by the Holy Roman Catholic Church in 1414 A.D., the Congress of Tortosa for the Conversion of Israel (The Jews) bore marvelous fruit!
" all of these places the power of God was manifested in His enabling him (St. Vincent Ferrer) to work miracles and effect the conversion of an incredible number of Jews and sinners. The Jews of Toledo, embracing the faith, changed their synagogue into a church under the name of Our Lady's." St. Vincent Ferrer, who took part in the Congress of Tortosa, collaborated in a Treatise on the Jews which served as a base for his further labors among them... the most cautious of historians state St. Vincent converted 25,000 Jews to The Faith. (after opus dei.alert).
These prayers must be very powerful if the Jews are so keen for the Church to abandon them completely.
St Vincent Ferrer, pray for us!