Tuesday, October 07, 2008

St Therese's week

O Jesus, the sight of Your precious blood flowing from Your wounds strikes me deeply, and I feel pang of sorrow in thinking that this blood is falling to the ground without anyone's hastening to gather it up.

I want to remain here in spirit at the foot of the cross to receive this divine dew and to pour it out upon souls. O Jesus, Your cry sounds continually in my heart. "I thirst!" These words ignite in me an unknown and very living fire. I wish to give You to drink, O my Beloved, and I feel myself consumed with a thirst for souls. It is the souls of great sinners that attract me, and I burn with the desire to snatch them from eternal flames. My desire to save souls grows form day to day, adn I seem to hear You say to me what You said to the Samaritan woman" "Give me to drink!" What a wonderful interchange of love! To souls I give Your blood, to You I offer these same souls refreshed by Your divine dew. i hope thus to slake Your thirst, and the more I give You to drink, the more the thirst of my poor little soul increases, but truly this ardent thirst You are giving me is the most delightful drink of Your love. (Story of the Soul")