Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the fragment cited below, St Teresa meditates on the instability of short-lived love, gratitude and affection of human race toward the Redeemer, and how it contrast with His love for us.

O Christians, it's time to defend your King and to accompany Him in such great solitude.

Few are the vassals remaining with Him, and the great multitude accompanying Lucifer. And what's worse is that these latter appear as His friends in public and sell Him in secret. He finds almost no one in whom to trust. O true Friend, how badly they pay You back who betray You! O true Christians, help your God weep, for those compassionate tears are not only for Lazarus but for those who were not going to want to rise, even though His Majesty call them. O my God, how you bear in mind the faults I have committed against you. O my God, how You bear in minds the faults I have committed against You! May they now come to an end, Lord, may they come to an end, and those of everyone. Raise up these dead; may Your cries be so powerful that even though they do not beg life of You, You give it to them so that afterward, my God, they might come forth from the depth of their own delight.