Monday, October 13, 2008

Week of St Teresa of Avila

Oh, God, help me! Oh God, help me! How great a torment it is for me when I consider -

what a soul that has always here below been valued, loved, served, esteemed, and pampered will feel when after having died finds itself lost forever, and understands clearly that this loss is endless. (Forgetting about the truths of faith will be no help there, as it is here below). Also what a torment it is for me to consider what a soul will feel when it finds itself separated from what seemingly will not yet have began to enjoy (and rightly so, for all that which ends with life is but a breath of wind), and surrounded by that deformed and pitiless company with whom it will always have to suffer. It will be placed in that fetid lake filled with snakes, and the bigger the snake, the bigger the bite; in that miserable where darkness where it will only see what gives it torment and pain, without seeing any light other than a dark flame! Oh how ineffective exaggeration is in expressing what this suffering is!(Soliloquies)