Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waiting - Sunday after Ascension

This Sunday is like a prolongation of the Feast of Ascension. We may see in our hearts Our Lady, the Apostles, all gathered in the Upper room, united in fervent prayers while awaiting for the descend of the Holy Spirit: "Hear, O Lord, my voice calling to You....I seek Your face, O Lord, do not hide Your face from me". As long as we are on our earthly pilgrimage, far from God, He must be a constant yearning of our souls. St Peter teaches us what we must do in our life to be well prepared for our meeting with God: "Watch in prayers. But before all things, have a constant mutual charity among yourselves" (1Pt 4:7-11). This is what the Apostles did as they waited for the Holy Spirit; together in the Cenacle they were persevering in prayers in the unity of fraternal charity. God will look with favour on the prayers and sacrifices of a charitable person. Jesus has said expressly: "If therefore thou offer thy gift at the altar, and there thou remember that thy brother hath anything against thee; leave there thy offering...and go first to be reconciled to thy brother" (Mt 5:23-24). As long as we live on earth we are liable to fall; all of us, therefore, need pardon; and "charity covers a multitude of sin" (1Pt). Let us pray with St Therese of Child Jesus: "O Lord, make me worthy to give testimony of You, not only in words, but especially in deeds, in spite of the difficulties and sufferings I may encounter. The Apostles gave testimony of You to the extent of facing death for love of You; grant that I may give testimony of You at least by a life worthy of You" (Story of the Soul, 13).