Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mary's joy at the Ascension

If Mary felt a great joy when her Son lived next to her bodily, and as much joy when that same Son, after destroying death, re-emerged from the underworld, would she have had less joy when, before her eyes, her son rose to heaven in flesh and blood, which she well knew, he had taken from her?

Who would ever say such a thing, or has ever believed that her happiness at that moment could be compared to all the joys that preceded it?

Good mothers in this world are accustomed to experience great joy when their children receive earthly honors, and this mother-without a doubt a good mother-would she not have rejoiced with unutterable joy when she saw her only Son penetrate all heaven with power and dominion, rising and reaching the throne of God the Father Almighty? (St Eadmer of Canterbury)

after 'A Moment with Mary'