Saturday, May 01, 2010

No greater love - documentary on the lives of Discalced Carmelite nuns in Notting Hill Monastery, London

...'After ten years of correspondence, Michael Whyte was given unprecedented access to the monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, in London’s Notting Hill. The monastery, which was founded in 1878, is home to the Discalced Order of Carmelite Nuns. The nuns lead a cloistered life dedicated to prayer and contemplation, rarely leaving the monastery except to visit a doctor or dentist. Silence is maintained throughout the day with the exception of two periods of recreation.

No Greater Love gives a unique insight into this closed world where the modern world’s materialism is rejected; they have no television, radio or newspapers. The film interweaves a year in the life of the monastery with the daily rhythms of Divine Office and work. Centered in Holy Week, it follows a year in which a novice is professed and one of the senior nuns dies. Though mainly an observational film there are several interviews, which offer insights into their life, faith, moments of doubt and their belief in the power of prayer in the heart of the community.'...

To visit the movie producer's website clickHERE

To read excerpts from the book 'In the silence of Mary - the life of Mother Mary of Jesus, Carmelite Prioress and Foundress 1851-1940' who was the Prioress of Notting Hill Carmel click HERE

In the words of Mother Mary of Jesus: 'Like Mary, we have to be mothers of souls. Where will we learn this maternity, the love which it asks, the mission which it constitutes, the life of sacrifice the true prayer of union with God, which it imposes? In Mary - in her silence.'

...more on the foundation of Notting Hill Carmel soon to follow...