Monday, May 31, 2010

May and devotions to Our Blessed Lady

St John Berchmans SJ, when asked what devotion would be most agreeable to Our Blessed Lady, replied: 'Any devotion, however small, provided it is constant'

St Louis de Montfort says: If we desire a ripe and perfectly formed fruit, we must possess the tree that bears it. If we desire the fruit of life, Jesus Christ, we must possess the tree of life which is Mary. If we desire to have the Holy Spirit working within us, we must possess his faithful and inseparable spouse, Mary the divinely- favoured one whom, as I have said elsewhere, he can make fruitful. (Treatise on  True Devotion to Mary)

After 'Mary's Vitamin' and 'A Moment with Mary', respectively
Vintage holy card, circa 1700, from Westfries Museum collection, Belgium