Thursday, April 23, 2009

LifeNews - Catholic Bishop thinks Christ died on the Cross out of solidarity with men not to redeem us - click to read

Please, send complain on the addresses provided on the link. It is shameful and very sad the 'Catholic' Bishop publicly declares heresy. We need to protest - address and phone numbers of relevant Vatican congregations available with the linked news.

What exactly has been said (text in German and English ) during the interview on German National TV:

"Journalist: Also Sie würden est nicht mehr so formulieren, dass Gott quasi seinen eigenen Sohn hingegeben hat, weil wir Menschen so sündig waren, so wurden Sie es nicht mehr formulieren?

(So you would no longer phrase it so: that God offered his own Son because we men were so sinful, you wouldn't phrase it that way any longer?)

Bishop: Nein. Er hat seinen eigenen Sohn in Solidarität mit uns bis in diese letze Todesnot hineingelassen um zu zeigen: Soviel seid ihr mir wert. Ich geh mit euch. Ich bin ganz bei euch in jeder Situation.

(No. He sent his own son in solidarity with us into the last anguish of death to show us: I value you this much. I accompany you. I am completely with you in every situation.)

This is pure heresy against traditional catholic doctrine, even if some commentators don't like to listen such thing!

Translation and comment by JSarto