Saturday, April 04, 2009

VIRGO POTENS - future martyr's prayer to Our Lady of Sichem at Montaigu shrine answered

From "ENGLISH MARTYRS - for every day of the year" - Bl Henry Heath, OSF, 1643

Father Heath's own conversion was a remarkable effect of Mary's intercession, but more striking yet was that of his aged father. A bigoted Protestant, he seemed proof alike against arguments and prayers, and was now on the brink of the grave. To Our Lady Father Heath turned, beseeching her aid for his father in his extreme peril, when suddenly the old man, now fourscore, crossed the sea, appeared at Douay, and was reconciled to the church. Again, during Father Heath's guardianship, when his community was dying of want and disease, through Our Lady's prayers the sick recovered and their needs were relieved. And now, to obtain the Superior's consent to his going to England, he started on a pilgrimage to her shrine at Montaigu, in Brabant.

At Ghent he found his petition refused, but still completed his pilgrimage, and on the way back the same Superior who refused now granted his request. From that time till his death Father Heath seemed a changed man. His anxieties and fears were succeeded by a holy calm, and supernatural joy manifested itself in his whole conduct, but especially at Mass. He constantly extolled the glory of the martyrs, as if he had already a foretaste of their reward. Thus did Our Lady answer his prayers.

"He who is mighty hath done great things for me and Holy is His Name" - LUKE 2:49