Thursday, April 02, 2009

How should we follow the Passion of the Catholic Church - click to read

The sufferings inflicted on the Catholic Church in modern times by God's will should be treated with prayerful patience and offered to God in union with Christ's own suffering for the expiation of sins for which God has been willing to give them to us. I know it may sound repulsive, but in reality it is a lot of grace when suffering is received with proper attitude and certainly will produce fruits of conversion. We see the changes already.

...."Nothing in History has been so similar to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the situation through which the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is passing in our days. Therefore, the compassion we feel regarding the Passion of the God-Man should also stir us with regard to the present situation of the Church. The two Passions constitute one single thing.

The crime of Deicide – whether Cardinal Bea wants to use the term or not – that moved Catholics in all centuries toward solidarity with Our Lord, is recurring today. Only today the enemies of Christ are trying to kill the Catholic Church – a crime that perhaps could be qualified as Ecclesiocide, if it were possible to kill the Church. These two Passions are intertwined in such a way that one can say that the Passion of Christ is being repeated in our days.....
The liturgy of Holy Week sings one of the lamentations of Jeremiah that says: “O all ye that pass by the way, attend, and see if there be any sorrow like to my sorrow” (1:12). We should stop and meditate on the depths of the suffering of the Church today and compare it to her sufferings in times past. We should have a sorrow for this situation as well as the intent to do what we can to prevent more sufferings to come. We should be motivated to a more enthusiastic love for the Church, a more complete fidelity, a more unconditional dedication, a ceaseless activity, and a more acute combativeness. These are components of the state of spirit we should have to follow the Passion of Jesus Christ as it unfolds today.

The faithful souls of our times participate, in a mysterious way, in the consolation Our Lord received in His Passion 2,000 years ago. This should inspire us to make more acts of reparations for the offenses against His Mystical Body that we are witnessing. These acts should be made before God, Our Lady, and the entire Celestial Court of Angels and Saints in order to make amends to the glory of God, which is profoundly offended by the steps of this second Passion. It is the way to manifest our fidelity."....

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