Monday, April 07, 2008

I invite all visitors to my blog for virtual pilgrimage to visit places dear and sacred to Christians in the Holy Land including the Cenacle, the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemani, the Golghota (The Holy Sepulchre Church) for Eastertide meditation and reflection during the next coming week.

With Jesus in Jerusalem

With Jesus at Passover in Jerusalem

The Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemani

Kidron Valley and the Mount of Olives

The Cenacle - the place of Last Supper

Golgotha - place of the Skull

Site of the tomb of Christ

The empty tomb


Easter Meditations:

The News of the Ressurection of Chirst Jesus with fragments of the sermons of early Church Fathers and meditations from Don Schwager

Good Shepherd - meditation