Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesus said to his disciples: A little while, and now you shall not see me: and again a little while, and you shall see me: (John 16: 16).

According to St Augustine our life is like a moment in comparison to eternity. Life, the greatest of God's gifts, must be spent worhily and in best disposition: "Use your time here on earth with your mind fixed on eternity". Time we spend on earth is particularly precious and short. St Bernard says there is nothing more valuable than time. Why? Because with time spent properly we can acquire the most precious treasure of eternal happiness purchased for us by the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is most prudent disposition to be determined not waste time given us, keeping in mind obvious truth the moment will come when: 'time shall be no longer' (Apocalypse 10:6). The best way to use our time efficiently is to keep away from any form of idleness, spiritual and corporal, carefully avoiding in particular so called 'hardworking idleness' - which is to keep away from doing useless projects or things nobody, nor God neither our superiors, would have us ever to do. It is important to spend as much time as possible with God and serving Him lovingly, that is our Christian obligation. We should spend our time avoiding sins, for through sin we become enemies of Him who is the author of life. Let us be careful not to find ourselves in the midst of those who " all the day idle"(Matt. 20:6), nor those who "are become unprofitable" (Ps 13:3). Let us do all we can not to be like the biblical servant who buried deeply his precious talent (Luke 19:20). Let us meditate on the price that must be paid for laziness:"For idleness has taught much evil" (Ecclus 33:29). Idleness is the source of many sins and comfortable cushion of satan! Nobody ever found peace in idleness. It is better to be a 'busy bee' rather than a 'lazy drone': "Therefore, whilst we have time, let us work good to all man, but especially to those who are of the houshold of the faith" (Gal 6:10)