Saturday, December 02, 2006

Part of an interesting advert I came across for the upcoming Advent season:

The War against Christmas is on and every Christian is needed in the battle to keep Christ at the center of this holy season.

Tired of being told "Happy Holidays"? Forbidden to say "Merry Christmas" at work? Have you looked around in vain for a Nativity Scene in public, or while you shop at the mall?

For those with eyes to see, many hostile forces within our own Country and abroad are trying to do away with any recognition of the Birth of the Infant Jesus during His Season, the Christmas Season. Last year in an effort to reclaim this holy season for the Nativity in our community, we launched Operation Just Say "Merry Christmas" to encourage folks to proudly proclaim "Merry Christmas" once again. To our surprise, this effort gained national attention and we heard from many of you about the stories and frustrations in your own hometowns. The results are in:

Today we appeal to you to stand with us. There is good news. Some of the retailers have reversed their policy and are now willing to say "Merry Christmas". But let's stay focused and see the trend: This battle goes far beyond the retailers.
• The city of Chicago has forced the organizers of their Annual Christmas Festival to disallow the beautiful movie "The Nativity Story" from being a sponsor, lest it -- are you ready for this -- offend some of the one million attendees who travel to downtown Chicago to go to this event!
• Santa Claus, at many of the Malls, is not allowed to say 'Merry Christmas'
• Most public schools have banned the mention of Merry Christmas.

The distribution of our Just Say "Merry Christmas" wristbands are a response to the discrimination against Christians. Please consider sharing your faith this Christmas and join us in our battle to save it.

What Can You Do?

1) Please visit our website at : and check out our unique " Just Say 'Merry Christmas'" wristbands pictured below. And while you're there, consider our Car Nativity Magnet for your vehicle bumper. Proclaim to the world that you intend to "Keep Christ in Christmas!" These simple, yet beautiful nativity magnets were designed and made by The Knights of Columbus.

2) Go see (this week-end if possible) : "The Nativity Story" Truly a film that puts Christ back into the center of Christmas.

God bless you, and "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Dan and Jenn Giroux, Operation Just Say "Merry Christmas"