Tuesday, December 19, 2006


"My Imitation of Christ"
by Thomas a Kempis
Revised translation edited by Confraternity of the Precious Blood, Imprimatur Thomas Edmundus Molloy, Archbishop of Brooklyn, 1954

Book One - useful admonishes for a Spiritual Life

Chapter 18: The Example of the Holy Fatherspart 2.

4. They were strangers to the world, but near and familiar friends to God. They seemed to themselves as nothing, and were despised by this world; but in the eyes of God they were precious and beloved. They stood in true humility, they lived in simple obedience, they walked in charity and patience; and therefore they daily advanced in spirit, and obtained great favour with God. They were given as an example for all religious and ought more to excite us to make good progress than the number of the lukewarm to grow slack.

5.Oh, how great was the favour of all religious in the beginning of their holy institution! Oh, how great was their devotion in prayer. How great their zeal for virtue! What great discipline was in force among them! What great reverence and obedience in all, flourished under the rule of a superior! The footsteps remaining still bear witness that they were truly perfect and holy men, who waging was so stoutly, trod the world under their feet. Now he is thought great who is not a transgressor, and who can with patience endure what he hath undertaken.

6. Ah, lukewarmness and negligence of our state, that we so quickly fall away from our former fervour, and are now even weary of living through sloth and tepidity. Would to God that advancement in virtue was not wholly asleep in thee who hast so often seen many examples of the devout!