Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Beloved Apostle once said: "The whole world is seated in wickedness" (1 Jn 5, 19) and it is still very true today. In desparation one can ask "Lord, are they few that are saved?" (Lk 13, 23). Satan, world and sensuality are daedly enemies of the soul and our salvation - they are always active and can be defeated only by constant effort and struggle. That is why the old Job was groaning under opression: "The life of man upon earth is a warfare" (Job 7, 1). Never ending fight with evil and struggle for goodness. All these efforts will end for ever when the gates of heaven would be opened for us. But what is heaven? Blessed peace after long battle - a reward - "so shall we be always with the Lord" (1 Tes 4, 16). We will be there to adore God's infinite beauty, perfection and goodness, rejoicing in indescribable happiness.