Tuesday, August 22, 2006



As we concluded in the first part of the post, things temporal cannot bring true happiness. Only supernatural, eternal God can fill the gap. For the human soul and heart can only be truly satisfied with the beauty of infinite goodness and perfection which is God. Only He can give us all we need. St Peter on Mount Tabor found perfect happiness in the glory of Jesus. On Mount Alverni, St. Francis after being in deep contemplation and unity with God could only exclaimed "My God and all mine". Napoleon was truly happy only once in his life - when he received his first holy communion. Maybe we also should go back to the moments of some deeply moving religious experience to realise our own Tabor-like true happiness. For St. Augustin says "You created us for yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until we will find rest in you". St. Teresa perfectly summarized the point saying "God only suffices". Let us renounce all inordinate attachements to things temporal and longing for wordly happiness. Let us stay with God instead, living for Him and through Him, keeping in mind the words of the Apostle:

But I am straitened between two: having a desire to be dissolved and to be with Christ, a thing by far the better (Phil 1: 23)