Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, Day of Our Lady - The Rosary, Prayer of Spouses, Payer of the Family

Now that we frequently happen to receive newlyweds in audience, not only do we give them a rosary, strongly recommending that they use it, but we also exhort them to not go a single day, in spite of the greatest fatigues and preoccupations, without reciting the Rosary. (Pius XI)

It is especially in the midst of the family that we wish to see this recitation of the Holy Rosary spread everywhere. For one will fail to consolidate the shaken bases of the civilian society if the domestic society, the founding principle of human society, does not rest upon the laws of the Gospel. To reach such a difficult goal, we affirm that nothing is more efficient than the family recitation of the Rosary. (Pius XII)