Sunday, January 17, 2010

SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY - click for readings, explanations and instructions

Loving kindness of the Heart of Jesus,
manifestation of the Divine goodness.

One of the principal and most touching aspects of the economy of the Incarnation is the manifestation of the Divine perfections made to man through the Human Nature. God's attributes, His eternal perfections are incomprehensible to us here below, they surpass our understanding. But, in becoming man, the Incarnate Word reveals to the most simple minds the inaccessible perfections of His Divinity.
See Him at the marriage of Cana. For our human hearts, what an unexpected revelation of the Divine tenderness and delicacy! Some austere ascetics may be scandalized to see a miracle asked or wrought in order to hide the temporal need of a poor household during a wedding banquet. And yet it is this that the Blessed Virgin does not hesitate to ask, it is this that Christ vouchsafes to work. Jesus allows Himself to be touched by the embarrassment in which these poor people were about to find themselves; so as to spare them, he works a great prodigy. And what His heart herein reveals to us of human goodness and humble condescention is but the outward manifestation of Divine goodness whence the other has its source.