Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of Victories - click to visit Basilica of Our Lady of Victories in Paris

Following St Therese, Carmelites have devotion to Our Lady of Victories. St Therese honoured Our Lady with the beautiful poem, and we may read and reflect on it today. It is a good moment to pray for the conversion of sinners with all confidence and trust in Our Lady unceasing help for those who turn to her with the prayer of Pope Pius XI. The prayer is in its original form and may sound shocking to our post-Vatican II ears, but in all truth and reality this prayer of Pope Pius XI is as much up to date as it was almost 80 years ago when it was composed. We may also visit OLOV Basilica in Paris, and read more about Lisieux Carmel and Our Lady of Victories in the link provided at the end of this post. Our Lady of Victories, pray for us and for all sinners!

To Our Lady of Victories

You who fulfill my hope, 
O Mother, hear the humble song
Of love and gratitude
That comes from the heart of your child...

You have united me forever
With the works of a Missionary,
By the bonds of prayer,
Suffering and love.

He will cross the earth
To preach the name of Jesus.
I will practice humble virtues
In the background and in mystery.

I crave suffering
I love and desire the Cross...
To save one soul,
I would die a thousand times...

Ah! For the Conqueror of souls
I want to sacrifice myself in Carmel,
And through Him to spread the fire 
That Jesus brought down from Heaven

Through Him, what a ravishing mystery,
Even as far as east Szechuan
I shall be able to make loved
The virginal name of my tender Mother!...

In my deep solitude,
Mary....I want to win hearts.
Through your Apostle, I shall convert sinners
As far as the ends of the earth.

Through Him, the holy waters of Baptism
Will make of the tiny newborn babe
The temple where God Himself
Designs to dwell in His love.

I want to fill with little angels 
The brilliant eternal abode...
Through Him hosts of children
Will take flight to heaven!...

Through Him, I'll be able to gather
The palm for which my soul yearns.
Oh what hope! dear Mother 
I shall be the sister of a Martyr!!!

After this life's exile,
On the evening of the glorious fight,
We shall enjoy the fruits of our apostolate
In our Homeland.
For Him, Victory's honour
For me...the reflection of His Glory
For all eternity in the Heavens!...
The little sister of a Missionary. (St Therese) 


O Mary, merciful Refuge of Sinners and Mother of all mankind! Behold how many souls are lost every hour! Behold how countless millions of those who live in India, in China, and in barbarous regions do not yet know Our Lord Jesus Christ! See, too, how many others are far from the bosom of Mother Church which is Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman! O Mary ... life of our hearts ... let not the Precious Blood and fruits of Redemption be lost for so many souls!

Grant that a ray of Heavenly light may shine forth to enlighten those many blinded understandings and to enkindle so many cold hearts. Intercede with thy Divine Son, and obtain grace for all pagans, Jews, heretics, and schismatics in the whole world to receive supernatural light and to enter with joy into the bosom of the true Church. Hear the confident prayer of the Supreme Pontiff that all nations may be united in one faith, that they may know and love Jesus Christ, the blessed fruit of thy womb ... And then all men shall love thee also, thou who art the salvation of the world, arbiter and dispenser of the treasures of God . . . And, glorifying thee, O Queen of Victories, who, by means of thy Rosary, dost trample upon all heresies, they shall acknowledge that thou givest life to all nations, since there must be a fulfillment of the prophecy: "All generations shall call me blessed." Amen.

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