Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday, Day of Our Lady

...Christ possess the fullness of all grace. His soul is intimately and substantially united to God in the Person of the Son of God. Because it is more closely united to God, the source of divine grace, than anyone else, it receives the greatest outpouring of grace. Since Christ is to communicate the grace of God to others, He must possess the greatest degree of grace. It might be well to remark here that Christ possessed an absolute fullness of grace. We say of Mary, His Mother, and of some of the saints that they also were full of God's grace. In their case we are referring to a relative fullness of grace; they possessed as much grace as they needed to perform the work God gave them to do. But Christ had most stupendous task of all: He had to redeem the whole human race; He had to restore grace to the whole human race. Hence He had to possess an absolute fullness of grace.