Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Most Holy Trinity

O Trinity, O Father, O Word, O Spirit, give your light to your creatures, one by one, so that they may understand their malice; and give me the grace to be able to satisfy for them, even by giving my life when this might be necessary. Oh, why can I not give this light to all? Would that we all together could make reparation for the offenses you receive, even though we could not satisfy for them except by your own goodness...O immeasurable goodness, diffuse yourself in the hearts of your elect!

O eternal Word, when you were nailed to the most hard wood of the Cross, you did not aim at anything else but bringing creatures to you....You said: "I thirst", and you showed that you thirsted not only for those souls then present, but also for those that were yet to come. You suffered thirst, O sweet God, you suffered thirst, O good and all-loving God...O how can it be that One Who relieves His thirst with the very blood of the eternal Word does not relieve Him also of the thirst that He has for His creatures.

Looking at myself, O God of Love, I would never raise my mind and my will to ask for this Comforter. But looking again at Your Being, which is goodness and love, and mercy, I cannot but long for the coming of Your Holy Spirit. I know, though not as I should, that I am not in any way a vessel suitable to receive You. But considering that you are He Who makes suitable every heart that desires this grace, I yearn for you in my inmost heart; and with the offering of the Blood of the Word....which offering I pray the saints to make for me to the Most Holy Trinity....I take courage to ask and beg for this Holy Spirit.

Wherefore I pray you, all you angelic spirits and saintly souls in heaven, in your act of love and through that same continued act of love that is yours, pray for the Holy Ghost that He may come to dwell in my and all other daughters of Mary. Moreover, in asking for this Holy Spirit, I intend to receive the entire Holy Trinity.

St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi