Monday, March 02, 2009

Thoughts about our helpers, Holy Guardian Angels.

From the first moment of life until the last, each one of us is engaged in a battle to the death. "The demons are ever assailing us, according to 1Peter: 'Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion , goeth about seeking whom he may devour.' Much more therefore do the good angels ever guard us." We are children in the face of the keen strength of angels and devils so our first thanks for our angel's guarding are for the effects consistent with childhood's helplessness: the warding off of the demons, and the prevention of bodily and spiritual harm. We are not wrong in this spontaneous burst of gratitude to our rescuer. Yet, because we are responsible adults faced with the final choice of heaven and hell, our angel's guardianship is ordered principally to our enlightenment by instruction, as the devil's attack is ordered principally to darkening of our minds by frauds and lies. Truth is the light by which a man guides his steps home.