Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Act modifying corporate laws for certain religious corporations - click to read the new anti-Catholic law

The Church in America has good reasons for preferring to be organized as a series of religious corporations. This bill would make that impossible.

In reflection how reality changed we can read the fragment of "The White Friars" book describing how the relation between Church and State used to be:

"Throughout the Middle Ages all law was looked on as coming from God, as holy, and therefore in a way subject to the approval and custody of the Church. It was the crown of the moral order, the basis of right conduct, and hence the royal chanceries of Europe were always governed by an ecclesiastic, whose duty it was to enlighten the king's conscience, and to see that neither the gospel nor the spirit of it were infringed. We are not surprised to find a close co-operation between Church and State, to learn that large numbers of the priories were founded by the king and endowed by the opulent. They were the recognition, and in a sense the reward, for signal services already rendered. They were the manifestation of a living Faith, for men then appreciated the efficacy of prayer, of prayer for the dead as well as the living".