Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feast of St Francis de Sales

"God looks at the intention of the heart rather than gifts He is offered (The Spirit of St Francis de Sales XV:9)" after 365 days with St Francis

St Francis, the founder of Salesian Order, achieved remarkable success in converting Calvinists to Catholicism. Soon after being ordained to the priesthood, he was sent for his first appointment as a priest to Geneva, Calvinist's stronghold, and manage single-handedly to convert over seventy thousands of them. He was appointed later on the Bishop of Geneva. I always remember his famous words of advice on converting poor souls - he said it is certainly much much easier to catch plenty of flies with the thimble full of honey than with the bucket filled with vinegar. How true it is!

In Traditional Liturgical calendar, the Feast of St Francis is on 29th of January.

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