Friday, January 02, 2009

Carmel in the Holy Land

I am going to commence today the series of posts describing the history of Carmel in the Holy Land. It is fascinating story of Carmel foundation back in the land of Jesus and Mary in the towns of Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Mt Carmel. The story also include the foundation and work of the institution of Apostolic Carmel in countries where Christianity was and remains a religion of minority of population.

Let me start the history of Holy Land's Carmel with the beautiful prayer that was dictated by Bl Mary of Jesus Crucified, Miriam Baouardy, and was sealed up in the first stone of the Carmel of Bethlehem and placed in the foundation of the monastery there.

One grace I ask of You, O good Jesus: that this house shall remain as long as earth lasts and that Carmelites may always occupy it; Carmelies who are charitable, fervent, lovers of Your divine Heart, detached from all that is on earth. Fill this Carmel always with subjects able to praise and serve You. Never allow, good Master, any one to enter or be received if she is not going to be saved. Give to this Carmel Your peace and Your love. Allow no power, present or to come, to do any evil to it. Be always at its head and make kings tremble before it. Strike terror into those who come to do it harm. Give peace and union to all who do good to this house. So long as the world lasts, You are its Master. Make saints of all who will live there. Ensure that they retain Your Spirit and observe Your Commandments.
After 'The Thoughts of Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified'