Thursday, February 07, 2008

Collection of Lent videos - instructions, reflections, catechesis

Fr Barron comments on Lent

Lent Theology for young people

Cardinal Justin Rigali, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, gives a brief reflection on living the Lent faithfully.

First Sunday of Lent - Temptation of Jesus

Second Sunday of Lent - Transfiguration

Third Sunday of Lent - Cardinal Rigali on evil

Fourth Sunday of Lent - Cardinal Rigali on Prodigal Son parable

Fifth Sunday of Lent - Cardinal Rigali on the story of woman caught in adultery

Archb Vincent Nichol's talk at St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham during Lent 2006. Lent catechesis

Part 1 - Please be patient, the video starts with unnecessary 'kumbaya' style introductory singing but the rest is fine

Part 2

Part 3