Friday, February 01, 2008

Follow up on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill - on the webpage of UK Parliament I have found the bill scheduled for reading on 4th February, the session begins at 2:30 in Legislation debate [HL] – Third reading (day 1) – by Lord Darzi of Denham (Labour).

The research Institutes likely involved in this research may be government funded. Therefore the readers of this blog who are British citizen and taxpayers have a good reason to urge the Lords to protest the bill and express their gratitude for excellent work Lord David Alton of Liverpool did to oppose the bill in previous Parliament sessions by sending him supportive email. The whole bill is worrying things but the hybrids embryo are a total novelty, and one can think what else can be in future amendments. I will try now to explain what this hybrid embryos business is about. The embryos are suppose to provide better stem cells, or so called pluripotent cells than those extracted from aborted fetuses and used previously for replacement therapies in various diseases, including Parkinson disease. Embryonic stem cells have been so far quite ineffective and even dangerous, for they can easily go out of control and divide uncontrollably transforming into cancer cells in the patient's body. However, there is a growing body of research evidence that human body contain cells of the same character, so called adult stem cells, that can be found in various organs, like skin, hair follicles, pancreas, bone marrow, intestine. These cells can provide stem cells not only for repair of their own tissue but also for other tissue and can be used successfully for replacement therapy. They are better and easier to maintain and to control. PubMed search provided me with a list scientific papers reporting these kind of results.

The email addresses of Lords:
1. Lord David Alton of Liverpool who actually protested the bill on the previous debate but the bill passed on 260 votes against 96. His email address is
2. Lord Hanningfield of Essex, Conservative –
3. Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall, Conservative -
4. Lord Michael Ashcroft Conservative leave a message here
5. Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Labour contact details on the website here