Friday, April 06, 2007

Jesus therefore, when he had taken the vinegar, said: It is consummated. (John 19; 30).

Our Lord's redeeming work has been completed. The chalice has been tossed up to the dregs. The last drops of precious blood slowly flowed from His tortured body, scoffing of the mad crowd and repugnant sins of those who put Him to death and executed Him came to the end. It is consummated. Yes, it is consummated as He rightly said so. For all that His Father ordered Him to do - teaching, guiding, establishing the Church and all redeeming work He has accomplished: " I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
" (John 17; 4). Our Lord and Master gave us the best example to follow in all He demands from us: forgiveness of injuries, detachment from the world, obedience to authority, doing good for evil, love of the cross, serving God and the neighbour in charity. He could certainly say: It is consummated! Can we remain indifferent, ungrateful, and cold and not longing to repeat these words in the last hour: "It is consummated! I have finished work you gave me!" What we usually do we do for ourselves, let us be careful to look always at the Master for inspiration and example. Is this not our Christian duty to be able to confess in good conscience at the last moment: "I was a good Christian. I did all I could to prove it! I could not do more. It is consummated!" The moment will certainly come when together with the whole world we will see clearly the mystery of the Cross; when God's plans regarding His Church, humankind and every single soul will be revealed, when all will be consummated. What a wonderful day and blessed hour when all will be clear and no more fear remains! " O my dearest Redeemer, through your Passion and death, give me and my loved ones all the graces which unable us in the last day to cry in joy and happiness: It is consummated!"