Monday, April 02, 2007

"And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise " (Luke 23: 43).

These are the second words Our Lord said from the Cross. St Cyril thinks the most wonderful grace was given at this moment to the poor thief, for even Abraham, Moses and the Prophets were still awaiting to enter Heaven, whereas the gates were opened to a miserable criminal! A man hired at the last hour to work in Lord's vineyard was already paid his wages in contrast to those who worked there whole day long. We have yet another proof Jesus came for sinners not for just. St Ambrose says that Christ usually gives more graces than He is asked for for He desires to be surrounded in the eternal glory by all His beloved children. However, Our Lord demands in return total trust in His goodness and almighty power. Those who wear the robe of grace given to them in their nothingness should not be worried about Lord's promises, past nor future. For Jesus said: Amen I say to thee! and this is the promise and warrant of salvation. We should find there a lot of encouragement to expect much more from our Redeemer if we love Him and work for Him faithfully, with zeal in the midst of afflictions and troubles. If He gave so much to a big sinner what should we expect? Let us be glad for we all have the same merciful and loving Saviour. Let us always remember St Paul's words: " where sin abounded, grace did more abound.
"(Rom 5:20)