Saturday, March 31, 2007


No one has penetrated the mystery of Christ in all its depths except the Blessed Virgin.....compared with the light given to Our Lady, the saints remain in shadow.The secret which is kept and pondered in her heart, no tongue can tell, no pen record. This Mother is going to form my soul so that her little child may be a living, striking image of her 'First-born', the Eternal Son, the one who was the perfect praise of His Father's glory. When I read in the Gospel that Mary went with haste into the hill country of Juda to fulfill her duty of charity to her cousin Elizabeth, I see her pass on her way, so beautiful, so calm and majestic, so recollected in the presence of God within her! Her prayer, like His, was always 'Ecce! Here I am!' Who?....'The handmaid of the Lord', the least of His creatures, she, His Mother! She was truly humble because she was always oblivious of self, unconscious of self, freed from self!....She is also the Queen of Martyrs, but again it was her soul that was 'pierced by the sword', for with her everything takes place within.....How beautiful she is to enveloped in a majesty which breathes forth both strength and gentleness....She is there at the foot of the Cross, and my Master says to me: 'Behold your Mother'. He gives her to me as my Mother! She is still there to teach me to suffer as He did, to make known to me the last utterances of His soul, which she alone, His Mother, was able to catch.
It is Our Lady, full of light, pure with the divine purity, who will take me by the hand to lead me into heaven - the realm of dazzling brightness.

after "Reflections - Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity from her writings".