Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A Carmelite is a soul who has gazed on Christ Crucified, who has seen Him offering Himself to His Father as a victim for souls; and entering into herself under this great vision of Christ's charity, she has understood the Passion of His Soul and desired to give herself as He did!
It seems to me that we must draw very close to the Master, commune with His soul, become identified with its every movement and then go forth as He did to do the will of the Father. The Contemplative is a being who lives in the radiance of the face of Christ, who enters into the mystery of God, not in the light that shines form human thought but in that shed by the world of the Word Incarnate.
The Contamplative is constantly covering the world with her co-redeeming prayer. This is what Our Lady did in the Cenacle. While the first Apostles went forth to labour and to die, Mary silent in prayer, accompanied them to all their battles for Christ.

after "Reflections - Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity from her writings".