Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mother undefiled, pray for us!

With this title we venerate Mother of God, very unique mother who remained immaculate after giving birth to her child. At the end of fourth century heretics attacked this belief. They claimed, that the Most Blessed Virgin after giving birth to Our Lord lived with St Joseph in regular marriage bond which produced more children. As a proof of their slander, those blasphemers picked up the term 'brothers of Jesus' used in the Holy Scriptures. In jewish language this term can mean as much as close relative or cousin. The heretics were opposed by St Heronim who exposed their tricks and with great zeal explained to all the faithful Christians that it is inconceivable to even think that sanctuary of the Mother of God's womb sanctified by Jesus might be later defiled by the presence of ordinary man burdened with original sin. The same doctor of the Church also venerated St Joseph, as virginal custodian of Mary's chaste life. He said that St Joseph was and remained virginal through Mary, for from virginal marriage, virginal Son was born for our salvation. We can understand now that nothing can be more pleasing to the Immaculate Mother than prayer of the faithful for the grace and strength to resist impurity, or for the grace to increase innocence. Let us often renew the consecration to our Immaculate Mother. Day after day let us beg her: "Oh, my heavenly Mother and Queen, remember I belong to you. Please protect me as thy own property!"