Saturday, February 10, 2007

But while men were asleep, his enemy came and oversowed cockle among the wheat and went his way Matt 13:25.

Our Lord gave us explanation of this passage: 'the enemy ... is the devil' (Matt 13:39). Modern 'enlightened' people do not even believe in devil's existence. But history proved this beyond doubt and so many times. In Paradise, satan sow cockle in hearts of Adam and Eve and made them disobedient to God. He did it out of envy for they were created to possess God eternally. The enemy of mankind sowed the cockle also in the heart of Cain and his descendants and in the end they perished in the Flood. He did it to the son of Noah, Cham whose descandants fell into idolatry and unrighteousness. He did it even to Jesus' disciples - for one denied Him, and the other betrayed Him, and later on, how many proved unworthy among His chosen followers? He does it still today, he sows cockle always, which usually affects the faith through growing indifference which can even transform into enmity or iniquity. The job he does is a very simple one. All he has to do is to use some false or reckless friends, or some of the anti-religious newspaper or book. He can also use political movements, like socialism or communism which are full of evil. In their programs they present religion is a private matter, encourage atheism, apostasy and free-thinking. In their papers they often ridicule priests in every possible way, be it in written word or in 'satirical pictures'. And most of all they attack Christian moral values. They support and propagate the evil of abortion in the name of 'women's right to free chioce' and present this evil as a social and moral law. They propagate divorce and encourage the evil of cohabitation with the view that marriage is not necessary at all. Let us be watchful for we cannot ignore danger like this. This is a serious danger to our children and subordinates. Let us pray for the fellow Christians around the world: 'Watch ye, and pray that ye enter not into temptation' Matt 26:41