Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"And the wine failing, the mother of Jesus saith to him: They have no wine." John 2:3

Very often in sermons on the wedding of Cana miracle, we hear about various alcohol consumption problems and remedies for them including temperance in drinking, or even abandoning drinking totally. In this spirit, future Pope Pius XII wrote in 1929 that a Catholic does not see in alcohol the poison but one of God's gifts, for a wine was given to us primarily for the purpose of the sacrifice of the Mass. However, excessive and uncontrolled drinking may become disastrous to prosperity, peace and happiness of both married and single people or even whole generations. Careful and recreational consumption of alcohol is not a sin, but abuse of alcohol drinking may become mortal sin even calling to heaven for vengeance when it is a cause of great misery both in families as well as in single person life. Temperance and abstinence are natural ways of self-control which on its own cannot produce strong characters. But when they are paired with strong will nourished with supernatural grace, they are valuable and necessary way to produce balance between body and soul, matter and spirit which God demands of us. Catholic Church cannot accept forced prohibition of alcohol consumption. Total abstinence is necessary when there is no other way to control drinking. Giving up drinking voluntarily to make satisfaction for sins of alcohol abuse, or to give a good example and to abstain from uncontrolled drinking is like apostolic mission which Catholic church wholeheartedly supports, recognizes, praises and blesses".
Let us follow then this pathways and we cannot lose our way following instruction: "let all things be done decently, and according to order." 1 Cor 14:40