Wednesday, September 13, 2006


fragments from the "Way of Perfection" by St Teresa, chapter 28,

4. Although only vocal, yet this form of prayer recollects mind much more quickly than any other kind, and has many advantages. It is called 'recollection' because by its means the soul collects together all the faculties and enters within itself to be with God. The divine master thus come more speadily than He otherwise would to teach it and to grant the prayer of quiet. For being retired within itself, the spirit can meditate on the Passion and can there picture in its thoughts the Son, and can offer Him to the Father without tiring the mind by journeying to find Him on Mount Calvary, or in the garden, or at the column.

5. Those who are able to enclose themselves within the little heaven of their souls where dwells the Creator of heaven and earth, and who can accustom themselves not to look at anything nor remain in any place which would preoccupy their exterior senses, may feel sure that they are travelling by an excellent way, and that they will certainly attain to drink of the water from the fountain, for they will journey far in a short time. They resemble a man who goes by sea, and who, if wind is favourable, gets in a few days to the end of voyage which would have taken far longer by land. These souls may be said to have already put out to sea, and though they have not quite lost sight of land, still they do their best to get away from it by collecting their faculties