Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

Sancta Maria
Holy Mary

Dic mihi, quo appellaris nomine? Genesis 32
"Tell me what name shall I give you?"

The answer is: "And the name is Virgin," followed by the flower monogram "M" signifying Mary.

The two little angels proclaim, "Your name is like spreading perfume" Canticle 1, 3 and, "The Lord has named you a beautiful olive tree" Jeremiah 11:16.

Two cantors sing, "ora pro nobis," that is: pray for us! while the devil cries out, "Terrifying is his (her) name" Psalm 111.

"Praised be the Lord, who today has magnified your name so that it will never disappear from the mouth of the people" Judith 15.

The text and the image is after www.udayton.edu/mary/ prayers/sanctamaria.html