Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost - click to read

As St John Vianney said in his Catechism on the Word of God:..."My children, I have remarked that there is no moment when people are more inclined to sleep than during the instructions....You will say, I am so very sleepy....If I were to take up a fiddle, nobody would think of sleeping: everybody would be roused, everybody would be on the alert. My children, you listen when you like the preacher; but is the preacher does not suit you, you turn him into ridicule...We must not think so much about the man. It is not the body that we must attend to. Whatever the priest may be, he is still the instrument that the good God makes use of to distribute His holy Word....My chidren, why are people so blind and so ignorant? Because they make so little account of the Word of God. There are some who do not even say a Pater and an Ave to beg of the good God the grace to listen to it attentively, and to profit well by it. I believe, my children, that a person who does not hear the Word as he ought, will not be saved; he will not know what to do to be saved..."