Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday, Day of Our Lady

Thoughts for this day - St Teresa of Avila tells us about her devotion to Our Blessed Lady.

Behold, thy Mother (John 19:27)

"I understand that I had a great obligation to serve our Lady and St Joseph; for often when I went off the path completely, God gave me salvation again through their prayers "(I:399)

"On another day the Lord told me this: "Do you think, daughter, that merits lies in enjoyment? No rather it lies in working and suffering and loving....When you see My Mother holding Me in her arms, don't think she enjoyed those consolations without heavy torment. From the time Simeon spoke those words to her, My Father gave her clear light to see what I was to suffer."(I:403)

"I saw the Mother of God descend with a great multitude of angels and sit in the prioress's choir stall where there was a statue of our Lady...She told me: "You were indeed right in placing me here; I shall be present in the praises they give my Son, and I shall offer these praises to Him." (I:395)

"You have such a good Mother. Imitate her and reflect that the grandeur of our Lady and the good of having her for your patroness must indeed be great" (2:305-306)

"She is our Lady and our Patroness. And this for me was one of the great joys and satisfactions of my life". (3:279)