Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday - Our Lady's Day

The sinlessness of Mary is due chiefly to the fullness of grace which God gave her. Christ is the source of grace to all men. But Mary is closer to Christ than any other human being, because He took His flesh from her and dwelt in her womb, and lived intimately with her for approximately thirty years. The closer one is to Christ, the source of all grace, the greater the degree of grace one receives from Christ. Mary, therefore, received from Christ a fullness of grace not granted to any other creature. Her Immaculate Conception made her worthy to be the Mother of God became incarnate in her womb, and while He dwelt with her until the time of His public ministry to men, the constant presence of the source of all grace confirmed Mary in the state of grace. Finally, after her death and Assumption into heaven, Mary enjoys in heaven the fullness of grace and glory.

Thoughts on Immaculate Conception