Friday, September 19, 2008

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has landed teaching job at Yale University

According to ITN, Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has admitted to being "a bit nervous" about starting his teaching career at Yale University. He is about to commence the series of semester-long seminars "faith and globalisation" course.

In an interview with the university's Yale Daily News, Mr Blair said: "I'm sort of a bit nervous for it, really."I was never a star student, and I'm coming along mixing with a whole lot of people who I'm sure are a whole lot more clever and smarter than I am." (O, goodness he must be really nervous!) He said he was partly drawn to the university after his son Euan graduated from there earlier this year with a master's degree in international relations.<"The chance to actually come to such a great institution as Yale and be able to interact with students - for me, it's a tremendous privilege," Mr Blair said.The course will explore the issues concerning the public roles of religious faiths in the context of globalisation. According to the newspaper, hundreds of "eager students" applied for admission to the course. Following his first seminar, Mr Blair will take part in a larger question and answer session from Yale students and staff. I do not wonder the interest in Tony Blair's lecture, who seems to be self-made expert in "religion".