Saturday, September 06, 2008


When I was born, it was not unknown to the demons, but speaking by a certain similitude, they thus thought: "So a certain virgin is born, what shall we do? For it is evident that something wonderful is to take place in her.

If we throw around her all the nets of our malice, she will be burst them like tow. If we examine all her heart, it is defended by a strong garrison. There is no spot in her for a spear to touch. Therefore, we may fear lest her purity be our torture. Her grace will crush all our strength; her constancy prostrate prostrate us beneath her feet." But the friends of God, who were in long expectation, said by divine inspiration: "Why grieve we more? We should rather rejoice, for the light is born that is to dispel our darkness, and our desire shall be accomplished." And the angels of God rejoiced, although their joy was always in the vision of God, saying:"Something desirable is born on earth, and especially beloved by God, whereby true peace shall be made up." Indeed, daughter, I assure thee, that my birth was the opening of true joy; for then came forth the rod from which that flower proceeded, whom kings and prophets desired. And when I had attained an age to know something of my Creator, then I turned to Him with unspeakable love, and desired him with my whole heart. I was also preserved by wonderful grace, so that not even in my tender years did I consent to sin, because the love of God and my parents' care, good education, the preservation of good, and fervour of knowing god preserved with me. (Lib. VI c:56).
I am she, who from eternity have been in the love of God, and from my infancy the Holy Ghost was perfectly with me. And you may take an example from a nut, which, when it grows exteriorly, increases in the interior, so that the shell is always full, and there is no space to receive aught else. So I, from my childhood, was full of the Holy Ghost, and according ti the increase of my body and age, the Holy Ghost filled me so copiously as to leave no room for the entrance of any sin. Hence I never committed a mortal or venial sin , for I was so ardent in the love of God, that nothing was pleasing to me except the perfect will of God; for the fire of divine love was enkindled in my soul, and God, blessed above all, who created me by his power, and filled me with the virtue of the Holy Ghost, had an ardent love for me. (Lib. III c:8).

Today's picture presents beautiful statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the shrine in Harlem.