Saturday, May 10, 2008

Novena to the Holy Ghost - starts Friday after Ascension until Vigil of Pentecost.

Dear All, we need to start serious preparation for the Feast of Pentecost and traditionally we pray the Novena in honour of the Holy Ghost, the third Person of the Holy Trinity. I have chosen the best website offering the good selection of Holy Ghost Novena's to chose from and in particular can be helpful to those who are not familiar with praying Novenas. The oldest one is the Novena for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please follow the link
HERE to find the page of interest (not all links work on this website). Therefore I also present another link with the Novena from this blog HERE
and also petition Novena to the Holy Ghost

I had a great difficulty to chose the picture for this post. After lengthy considerations I have decided in favour of the beautiful picture by Anton Raphael Mengs depicting the descend of the Holy Spirit on the Blessed Virgin Mary and Apostles. It looks great on my desktop.