Saturday, May 10, 2008

Glorious Mysteries
The Descent of the Holy Spirit, by Fr Hardon SJ

The present meditation is on the Third Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, the Descent of the Holy Spirit. The Third Glorious Mystery, is the consummation of all the other Mysteries of the Rosary before what began at Nazareth on earth ended at Jerusalem on earth. We may safely say that the Person who came down on Our Lady at Nazareth was the same Divine Person who came down on those awaiting His coming in Jerusalem. At Nazareth the Angel told Our Lady that the Holy Spirit would come upon her so that she would conceive and bear a Son who would be the Son of the Most High. Thus the Holy Spirit began the work of the Incarnation. As the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mary became the Mother of God become Man. That was the beginning. Some thirty-three years intervened then the purpose of that first coming of the Holy Spirit on Our Lady was finally fulfilled when He actually descended and the term we should use descended on the Church and has been descending ever since. I've checked my sources - one Pope after another for centuries back says it was because Mary was with those people in Jerusalem. It was her intercession, her prayer that obtained the coming of the Holy Spirit that her Son had promised but I repeat had promised indeed but conditioned on Mary's intercessory prayer. TO READ WHOLE TEXT CLICK HERE

Credits: after Our Lady of the Rosary - Marian Retreat from
Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association