Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday - Our Lady's Day

Morning Star, pray for us!

Mary is like a morning star because the most deep mysteries of faith have been incarnated in her in the person of God's Son. She is like this morning, guiding light that disperses darkness of the night and help us, poor sinners, to reach eternal happiness of beatific vision. That is why St Bernard says that it is well justified to compare Mary to morning star giving light to the whole world. Under this light, virtues bloom but vices die. Mary's life was very edifying and imitating her will be always be spiritually proficient. She possessed the key of understanding mysteries of faith and that was the result of unity with God and her purity. We know from mystical theology, that God reveals Himself to those who are truly pious and pure. The Apostle says: "But the sensual man perceiveth not these things that are of the Spirit of God; for it is foolishness to him, and he cannot understand " (1 Cor 2:14). Following Our Lady is like following shining star that leads straight into happiness, just like St Bernard said: "Look at the star, but invoke Mary!"