Tuesday, November 14, 2006


"My Imitation of Christ"
by Thomas a Kempis
Revised translation edited by Confraternity of the Precious Blood, Imprimatur Thomas Edmundus Molloy, Archbishop of Brooklyn, 1954

Book One - useful adminishes for a Spiritual Life

Obedience and Subjection

1. He was subject to them Luke 2, 51
It is a very great thing to be under obedience, to live under a superior and not be at our own disposal. it is much more secure to be in a state of subjection than in authority. Many are under obedience more out of necessity than for the love of God; and such as these are in pain and easily repine. Nor will they gain freedom of mind unless they subject themselves with their whole heart for God's sake. Run here and there, thou wilt find no rest, but in an humble subjection under the government of a superior. The imagination and changing of places have deceived many.

2. It is true every one is desirous of acting according to his own liking; and is more inclined to such as are of their own mind. But if God be amongs us we must sometimes give up our own opinion for the sake of peace. Who is so wise as to be able fully to know all things? Therefore trust not too much to thine own thoughts, but be willing also to hear the sentiments of others. Although thy opinion be good, yet if for God's sake thou leave it to follow that of another it will be more profitable to you.

3. For I have often heard that it is more safe to hear and to take counsel than to give it. It may also happen that each one's thought may be good; but to refuse to others, when reason or a just cause requires it, is a sign of pride and willfulness.