Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday - Day of our Lady

"The Glories of Mary" by St. Alphonsus of Liquori

Tenth devotion
In this tenth and last Devotion I unite several devotions which may be practised in honour of Mary
1. To say or to hear Mass, or to have Mass said in honour of the Blessed Virgin. It is true that the holy sacrifice of the Mass can be offered to God alone principally as an acknowledgement of His supreme dominion. But the sacred Council Trent says this does not prevent its being, at the same time, offered to God in thanksgiving for the graces granted to the Saints and to His most holy Mother, that whilst we are mindful of them, they may deign to intercede for us. And for this reason at mass we say, "That it may avail to their honour, but to our salvation - Ut illis proficiat ad honorem, nobis autem ad salutem". Our Blessed Lady herself revealed to a holy soul, that this devotion of offering the Mass, as also of saying the Mass, as also saying three 'Paters,' 'Aves,' and 'Glorias', in honour of the most Holy Trinity, and in thanksgiving for the graces granted to her, was most pleasing to her; for the Blessed Virgin, being unable fully to thank our Lord for all the precious gifts He has bestowed on her, rejoices greatly when her children help her to thank God.
2.To reverence the Saints which are most closely related to Mary, as St. Joseph, St. Joachim, St. Ann. The Blessed Virgin herself recommended a certain nobleman to be devout towards her mother, St. Anne. We should also honour the Saints who were most devouted to the Divine Mother, such as St. John Evangelist, St John the Baptist, St Bernard, St. John Damascen the defender of her images, St. Ildephonsus the defender of her virginity.
3. To read every day the book which treats of the Glories of Mary; to preach, or at least to try to instill into all, and particularly our relations, devotions to the Divine Mother. The Blessed Virgin Mary once said to Saint Bridget, 'Take care that thy children are also my children.' To pray every day for the most devoted clients of Mary, both living and dead. We should remember the many indulgences granted by sovereign pontiffs to those who in various ways honour the Queen of heaven.