Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday - Day of Our Lady

"The Glories of Mary" by St. Alphonsus of Liquori.

'Of Alms given in Mary's honour'
Clients of the Blessed Virgin are accustomed to give alms to the poor in honour of the Divine Mother, especially on Saturdays. That holy shoemaker, of whom Saint Gregory speaks in his dialogues (Lib. iv.c.36) (his name was Deusdedit), used on Saturdays to distribute all his earnings of the past week to the poor. Hence, a holy soul in a vision saw a sumptuous palace, which God was preparing in heaven for this servant of Mary, but its construction only went on Saturdays. Saint Gerard never refused anything at any time for which he was asked in Mary's name. Father Martin Guttierez, of the Society of Jesus, did the same, and in consequence acknowledged that he had never asked Mary for a grace which he had not obtained. This servant of hers having been put to death by the Huguenots, the Divine Mother appeared to his companions, accompanied by virgins, who, by her direction, wrapped the body in linen, and carried it away. Saint Eberhard, bishop of Saltzburg, practised the same devotion and, on account of it, a holy monk saw him as a child in the arms of Mary, who said: 'This is my son Eberhard, who never denied me anything.' Alexander of Hales who had the same devotion, being once asked, in the name of Mary, by a Franciscan lay brother, to join the order, immediately complied, gave up the world, and become a friar. Let, therefore, no client of the Blessed Virgin think it too much to give a trifling alms every day in her honour, and to increase it on Saturdays. If they can do nothing else, they should at least perform some other act for love of Mary; such as visiting the sick, praying for sinners, and for the souls in purgatory, &c. Works of mercy are very pleasing to the heart of this Mother of Mercy.